The great city
St. Petersburg in pictures

St. Petersburg is one of the most fantastic cities in the world. It's beautiful. It's cool. It's just great. You don't need to be an architecture enthusiast to appreciate the city or the buildings. Some of the buildings are breath taking. And the atmosphere! You'll say "wow" when you see it, and you will be impressed. The city is constructed in such a way that everybody likes it.

The atmosphere is impossible to capture on pictures. When you are there, you will be overwhelmed by the dimensions. You will experience the buildings and the sorroundings in three dimensions. And you will be in the middle of it all. Pictures can not capture the size or the three dimensional feeling. On a picture the building will look the same as a smaller building. And if you are far away from the building (sometimes necessary if you want to take a picture and get the whole building on one photo), you will not be able to see the details.

The people of Saint Petersburg like to travel to the center of the city on holidays to go for a walk in the city. You will like it as well. It's just wonderful to walk along the streets and see the remarkable city.

The pictures on this page show you St. Petersburg as it is. I have not tried to take "post card images" to show you beautiful places or buildings. The pictures are taken more or less at random from the streets in the center of the city. Thus, you will se what it really looks like. Most of the pictures are taken from Nevsky prospekt, the main street of the city. Saint Petersburg was during some years called Leningrad. The original name is Saint Petersburg, and that's what the city is called today.

To see where the city is located, look at this map of Russia.

All pictures taken August 2000 by Egil Presttun.


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Hotel Moscow in Saint Petersburg with room for 1400 guests.

The subway. It is called "The Metro".

Bridge over the Neva.

The river Neva.

The river Neva.

People walking along the river Neva.

Homeless animals. Pets are very popular in St. Petersburg.

A part of the Winter Palace.

Another part of the Winter Palace.

Street behind the Winter Palace.

The main square. The Winter Palace is behind camera.

Saint Petersburg by night

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